Filming Michael Phelps & Family for Nulo Pet Food

Filming Michael Phelps & Family for Nulo Pet Food

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Huge thanks to Michael, Nicole and Boomer Phelps for a great day of shooting at their home for the latest Nulo Pet Food TV spots featuring the real stars, their French Bulldogs, Juno and Legend.  We’re excited with the results, especially considering we took on three of the hardest components to film all at once–water, children and dogs, and it all turned out swimmingly.  It was great fun in the incredibly scorching Phoenix sun and you can check out our Michael Phelps TV ad here and explore the company site (and maybe order some high-quality Nulo Pet Food!) for other branded video content produced by Widespread Creative for Nulo Pet Food.

Production Company: Widespread Creative, Austin, Texas  /  Camera System: Red Dragon 6K  /  Director: Kelly Lipscomb  /  Producer: Matt Tisdale  /  Client: Nulo Pet Food

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