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About Us


    is an integrated video production company, post-production house and digital media agency.  Our team of experienced producers, directors, writers, graphic designers, filmmakers, media buyers, analysts and other creative professionals strive to create and tell visually compelling stories that move audiences to action and achieve measurable results.

At Widespread, we are passionate about our crafts, the content we produce and our valued clients and partners.  We love cameras, design, production and marketing. We have years of experience developing and producing narrative and documentary films, scripted and non-scripted television series, branded video content, commercial TV spots and traditional and digital advertising campaigns.  It all boils down to good characters, great stories and stunning visuals that inspire and elevate our work and your vision.


We believe that every good piece of content--whether it’s a film, a social media ad or an entire campaign--starts with good story structure, great writing and compelling characters and visuals.  From here our skilled designers, producers, directors and film crews create and capture the moving images and action necessary to tell a good story well. 

Our post-producers, editors, colorists and sound engineers work their magic in developing our original, cutting-edge content while our creative directors and producers work with major networks, brands and advertising platforms as well as our own in-house media strategists to distribute the content in ways that engage audiences and grow business.

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