Nulo Pet Food Ad Campaign

Nulo Pet Food Ad Campaign

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Widespread Creative developed and produced the “Healthier Together” campaign commercials with Nulo Pet Food and their athlete ambassadors to launch the brand’s premium “Medal Series” and “Freestyle” lines of dog and cat food in PetSmarts across the country and to inspire pet owners to live healthier, more active lifestyles with their pets.  

The 30 second “Nulo Athlete” commercials and their associated 90 sec. online promo-documentaries feature Olympic athletes and their pets living healthier together–the Nulo way–including the world’s greatest female swimmer, 12-time medalist Natalie Coughlin, 5-time gold-medal Olympic swimmer Aaron Piersol, Ironman triathlete Kelly Williamson and world-champion decathlete Trey Hardee. 

The 30 sec. commercials are now airing across the country and the 90 sec. online promo-documentaries, which delve further into how these top-notch athletes use their expert knowledge of fitness and nutrition to help their pets live healthier, more active lives, can be viewed at

Nulo’s “Medal” and “Freestyle” series of premium pet foods can be purchased at PetSmarts, and other retailers around the country.  Visit for more info, and for a full list of retail locations.

About Nulo Pet Food:

Nulo is proudly made in the U.S.A using only the highest quality domestic ingredients. Our foods are produced in USDA, FDA, and AAFCO approved facilities and our dry food kitchen receives an annual inspection by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and has consistently received “Superior” ratings.



Natalie Coughlin for Nulo – 30 sec. spot for broadcast

Natalie Coughlin for Nulo – 90 sec. promo-doc.

Trey Hardee for Nulo – 30 sec. spot

Trey Hardee for Nulo – 90 sec. promo-documentary

Aaron Peirsol for Nulo – 30 sec. spot for broadcast

Aaron Piersol for Nulo – 90 sec. promo-doc.

Kelly Williamson for Nulo – 30 sec. spot

Kelly Williamson for Nulo – 90 sec. promo-documentary


*All Nulo Photography by Suzanne Pressman @ Pressman Studio – Austin, Texas

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